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Spring Cleanse: Space

It’s Spring! New life is blossoming and instinctively with the change of season, our spaces need a refresh. Now in our third Spring Cleanse week, it’s time to transform your spaces and the energy within.

The IDEAL time to cleanse your space is:
+ with a change of season
+ upon moving into a new house, apartment or office
+ after a change in a relationship or parting of ways
+ with a purchase of an antique or adopting a pre-loved item
+ anytime you desire fresh energy for a new project or beginning
+ when you have time to organise

Consider your personal spaces from your bedroom, kitchen, office and even your car. Which space is in most pressing need to overhaul and clear out clutter?

Just like toxins in our bodies; unnecessary stuff in our spaces can create heavy, toxic energy and stress. Removing this simplifies your daily routine and frees up your time to achieve big picture tasks. The outcome – a happier, healthier life.

How do you feel, like or dislike about your space? Visualise what you want your space to be and how your space will reflect who you are.

Respect the space you have, everything within it and what it will become. Reflect and list 5 things you are grateful for in the space.

Anything that doesn’t have a place or purpose in your life needs to go. Be generous and donate! Sift through everything from books to coffee mugs and of course the lingering clutter.

Welcome new energy. Open all windows and doors to invite fresh air, sunlight and the movement of energy. Then settle into your new space by disconnecting. Turn off your lights and electronics, maybe light a few candles with positive intentions in mind.

Consider where you are headed and make your space positive and functional. Display sentimental belongings to make the space your own and invest (as needed) in things that cultivate new experiences and memories!

Other great resources:
Peter Walsh – Get Organised
The Minimalists
Apartment Therapy

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We hope you’re progressing nicely along your complete body, mind and space Spring Cleanse. We love having you with us along our journey!