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Get Moving

We are all aware of the great benefits of exercise, for both the body and mind. However, when you have a full plate of daily responsibilities such as work, family and attempting to fit in some social time, the idea of exercise can seem like one further ‘chore’. Seemingly impossible for many of us, it can feel like there is simply not enough time in the day to move your body and get the blood flowing. We are here to tell you that there is! There is a way to squeeze in some form of exercise most days, and it begins with your frame of mind.

Exercise does not need to be a 2 hour sweat sesh at the gym (count your travel time to and fro, and there’s your whole evening gone!). In fact, new research shows how more beneficial short high intensity training is wayyyy more effective than dragging your feet along the treadmill for hours.

Making daily movement a priority, we’ll show you some great ways not only to change your perception of exercise being another chore, but also how you can easily fit it into any kind of busy schedule.

1. Make it a priority

This is what we talked about, and probably one of the more difficult tasks to do. Changing our frame of mind is number one when it comes to fitting in exercise. When we think of it as unnecessary, a chore, not that beneficial to us and our health, then that’s what it will become … and will slowly find its way to the bottom of your ‘to-do’ list. Put it in your schedule, stick to it for one week, and you’ll see it’s a priority worth keeping.

2. Do exercise you actually LIKE!

For most of us, if we don’t like something, we won’t be that inclined to keep it up. We are all different and must be realistic about what works for us and more importantly, what we will actually stick to. Whether it’s a spin class, a weekend hike or yoga, choose exercise that suits your lifestyle and interests. You will be much more inclined not to skip it if it’s something you love. Also, try to mix things up every now and then as well! Variety will keep you interested and continue to challenge your body.

3. Short & Sweet

Think you need to pound the pavement for an hour to get a solid workout in? Think again. Trainers are starting to realise that short bursts of intense activity are much more effective at building muscle and burning fat than long steady endurance exercise, hooray! Also known as HiiT (High intensity interval training), this training lasts 10 to 30 minutes and despite its short timeframe, can be incredibly challenging. Working the entire body and always incorporating cardio, will get your heart pumping and get you out of the gym in 30mins.
Prefer to try doing HiiT at home? Check out Daily HiiT

4. Grab a buddy

Self-motivation can be trying at best. Schedule exercise with someone so you stick to it. Additionally, working out with a friend makes it that much more fun! If you don’t have anyone that you can coerce into buddy workouts, join a group running team or even a group workout class that gets put in your diary!

5. Get it where you can

We all have to travel everyday to work, appointments, errands, dinner. Use this time to squeeze in some daily exercise. Bike or walk instead of driving or taking public transport. Too far to walk? Not a problem! Take a mini brisk walk around your neighbourhood … a little exercise and fresh air is better than none.

6. Keep track

For those A types out there (you know who you are!), keeping track of what you did each day or total for the week will help to keep you motivated. Measuring your activity level can help you to keep track and either stick to it or even improve! It’s about showing up for yourself. We like the Fitbit, which tracks your every step, fitness for the day and helps you map out your goals … is there anything it doesn’t do?!

It’s not just about the importance of daily exercise, but also how good it can make us feel. Once we can begin to shift our perspective on what exercise even is and how to start having a little more FUN with it, we can begin to find a way to fit it in. Exercise doesn’t need to be an individual event, a chore or non-existent. Find what works for you, and lock it into your schedule!