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Do Less

“Once she stopped rushing through life, she was amazed how much more life she had time for.”
– Amy Rubin Flett

What a seemingly simple idea, to do less. In a generation and society where we are constantly doing more – more work, more social engagements, more distractions, more stuff, more errands – what if we were to simply make a choice to do less? To give ourselves more room to breathe, to feel and allow for the unexpected. To slow down and enjoy this life we have instead of rushing through it.

What would happen if we were to do less?

We would have more time to breathe. Deeply.
We could feel rested in our body and mind.
We could begin to heal our stress-related tensions.
We could focus on one task, and do it very well.
We would be more efficient and helpful.
We could actually taste our food and appreciate having it.
We could actually get the rest our bodies deserve.
We could work with greater focus and energy.
We would be able to see more clearly – the people, the places, the beauty.
We could allow for greater creativity.
We would make space for life to happen, naturally.
We would observe and understand life more.
We could begin to feel that we and our actions are enough.
We would learn what we want more of, what really makes us happy.
We would be able to love more deeply.
We would hear our intuition more accurately, because we have space to listen.
We would acknowledge and truly appreciate what we have already accomplished.
We could experience deeper conversations and therefore deepen our relationships.
We could feel our body and listen to what it really needs.

By doing less, we can in fact live more.

Curious about learning more on this topic? It’s not a new novelty, but rather a topic that is much researched and discussed. Take a look at “Less Doing More Living” by Ari Meisel and give it a go. Do less. We urge you to take a step back, to pause, to cut the constant need to be busy and choose to live instead.

How do you do less?