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A Perfect Day

We do not remember days, we remember moments.

– Cesare Pavese, This Business of Living

Have you ever thought about what makes up a perfect day for you? Think about it. What would your day look like? What would you do, see, be with, feel like?

When asked about their perfect day, people often have high expectations, such as a single momentous day in their life like their wedding, the birth of a child, a family Christmas. But shouldn’t we be able to have several perfect days a month, even every week? If you knew what made you feel wonderful, what you loved, who you wanted to share it with, who’s to say that couldn’t be possible?

Our team was inspired by motivational speaker Brendon Burchard’s video How to Design the Perfect Day, spoke to just that. We often plough through life, through work, through each day waiting for those special, once a year type of days that lift us up and brighten our spirits. If we are the author of our own lives, why can’t we create more of these?

The idea of visualizing (and hopefully creating!) what would be a perfect day for you is not to create something you would wish for, but rather what could be: right here, right now. You may in fact discover that what is perfect to you, are small things you can do on the daily. That you can in fact create more and more of these perfect days right now.

For example, perhaps a delicious breakfast and coffee, a relaxing bike ride and a great dinner is what would make you happy and at peace. These are all possible any day of the week. Perhaps it is more about taking note of these actions and activities that do in fact make your day brighter, and how to add more of them into your routine.

With all these thoughts floating in our minds, we took a few days to put pen to paper and write down a few of our own perfect days to kick things off …. Perhaps you can share with us yours, or take a moment to start looking around and noticing what constitutes a perfect day for you.

Personally, my day would include some form of outdoor activity, a delicious morning coffee, a bike ride through the city and a healthy meal spent with my man. Simple and yet perfect in every way.

So go on, take a moment to think about what constitutes that perfect day or moment for you. What would you be doing, eating, and who would you spend your time with? We want to hear from you!