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5 Tips for Resolutions You’ll Keep

January is a great month in Asia. The weather is cooler, everyone is relaxed, and another mini holiday is just around the corner – Chinese New Year! While many people jump straight into the New Year with energy and focus, others take the month as a soft start thinking about what they really want for the year ahead.

However you start your New Year, resolutions have no doubt been bantered about in the last few weeks. The key to great resolutions is that they shouldn’t be over-hyped promises destined for failure by the end of February! Each year is a chapter in the story that is your life, so ask yourself “What do I want this year to be about?”.

If you’re still considering your resolutions, or wondering about those you’ve already made, here are our tips for making and keeping resolutions that are important to you, and you’ll keep.

5 Tips For Resolutions You’ll Keep

1. What do you really want?
Ask yourself what do you really want to achieve this year, or what will you be really happy to feature in your ‘story’ for 2015.

2. Think long term
What do you want to work on all year, not just January and February? Greater things can be achieved with more time and it also takes the pressure off failing within eight weeks then simply giving up.

3. Make plans that support your resolutions
This is so easy to overlook. You have to plan your resolutions into your life to make them easier to stick to. That means scheduling time in your diary, planning social engagements accordingly, and sometimes saying ‘no’, or simply doing things differently than how you did them last year.

4. Just a few
Make a list of two to three things that you’re serious about, not ten! If you have ten, then maybe think bigger picture or simple prioritise to make them easier to stick to.

5. Things change
Know that things change – people, jobs, circumstances, your priorities. Go with the flow and rather than giving up, pivot your resolution and adapt your plan to the new situation. Hey if things didn’t change, life would get very boring right? Go with it.

We hope these help. May your 2015 be exactly what you want!