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2015 Qi Health Trends

Motivation and time are both on our side in January. It’s the month we take stock of our status quo, our habits, what we want for the year ahead and how we’re going to get there! And of course health is on the agenda for many of us, or everyone – see point 1!

Here are the Top Health Trends for 2015 according to Sana Qi.

1. Wellness is for everyone
Health and wellness as a personal pursuit and lifestyle offering is growing every year. No longer is wellness the hobby of enthusiasts or those needing a lifestyle change. This year more than ever, wellness is for everyone! People from all walks of life are now actively engaged in their health, new habits, or goals in whatever form is right for them. You can see this in the eclectic group of people in your yoga class, the unexpected boss talking about his “detox”, growing retail offerings, online communities, healthy holiday destinations, even your Instagram feed filled with smoothies and chia seed desserts! In some form or another everyone has their own approach to wellness creeping into their everyday life.

2. Balance is essential
Balance is becoming a pre-requisite for our health and wealth goals. Yes our ambitions for our health and outward success are still very important, but we’re realising neither should be at the cost of the other, or to our overall happiness and wellbeing. We’re embracing balance as the space essential for all the other areas of our life to flourish. And it must be in our everyday routines, long weekends every few months are no longer the answer we’re looking for. Authors such as Arianna Huffington and Brendan Burchard and are inspiring us to redefine our success with balance in the picture and we’re embracing it.

3. Happiness
We are actively pursuing happiness, and openly declaring it! It’s right up there and even overtaking some of our top goals in years gone past. And no longer is happiness an unattainable cliché! Studies have shown it impacts health, productivity in the work place, relationships and communities in the bigger picture. Years gone by have seen happiness slowly come into the mainstream with The Happiness Project, the #30daysofhappiness challenge, personalities such as Mastin Kip and Gabrielle Bernstein, and finally who can deny Pharrel’s contribution of 24hrs of Happy. We’re now all proudly seeking happiness as equally as other key goals, and actively putting it’s achievement into our schedule and budgets. Bhutan has clearly been onto something all this time.

4. Quitting sugar
If you’ve been living under a rock let us bring you up to speed: people are quitting sugar! Yep that evil white stuff. You likely know someone who has already quit sugar, done a sugar-free month, or can at least tell you about the hidden sugars they now avoid. With brands like I Quit Sugar, documentary work by Food Matters, the film Fed Up, and more and more celebrity and expert personalities sharing their sugar free pursuits, this topic is only gaining momentum and not looking to be a fad diet as some big food companies might wish.

5. Wellness events
Above and beyond eating well and exercising, more and more we’re looking to immerse ourselves in bigger wellness experiences and communities. We want more than the treadmill or bootcamp, more than our salad and scrolling through our healthy Instagram feed. Increasingly we’re participating in workshops, weekend events, online conferences, and even annual destination festivals to up our wellness experience of both learning and connection with others. There are some great events across a variety disciplines coming up this year that we’ll be heading to. Stay tuned and we’ll share them with you in time to come!

6. Healthy downtime
We’re trading blowout parties for more health investing activities to relax and reset during our downtime. Increasingly big Friday nights and party weekends away are no longer serving us – more often than not they leave us more depleted, both physically and spiritually, than when we started. So in order to feed our greater goals of balance and overall wellbeing, we’re signing up for bike & brunch weekends, yoga rave parties, destination marathons, detox retreats, even simply more holistic weekends away combining both fun and healthy activities such as yoga and hiking.

7. Supplements to optimise
Supplement popularity is both divided and up and down, even amongst health practitioners. However with the growth of wellness-is-for-everyone and more discussion on micronutrients, food sources, and busy lives that are not slowing down, already healthy people are increasingly taking up supplements. Why? To optimise their health, not necessarily treat or alleviate ailments. We’re beginning to understand the absence of illness does not equal health. We hear about people thriving with various diet changes, superfoods, personally tailored programs, and bigger picture lifestyle adjustments. Consequently a variety of supplements are becoming common place on kitchen counters including probiotics, omega-3s, and vitamin D.

8. Meditation for the masses
Meditation, two minutes of stillness, 10 deep breathes. Meditation in whatever form works for you is in. No longer are we sitting in the lotus position for an hour visualising “nothing”! Now the kind of stillness that works for you is your perfect meditation practice. Proven benefits include improved memory, stress management, physical and mental health, as well as increased brain matter! Now is the time to close your eyes for two minutes at your desk, take 5 minutes before you get up in the morning, or even zone out on the train to work. Want to know more? Jump in with these resources – The Art Of Stillness, Head Space app, a Beginner’s Guide and Transcendental Meditation.

Image by Tina Leggio