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10 ways to make things happen this year

We hope your new year is off to a great start! If like us you have a list of awesome things you want to achieve, experience or even learn this year, there is no time like the present to get started! To seize the day this Tuesday morning, here are our


1. Say “YES”
What would happen if you said “Yes”? Yes to an invite, to a trip, a work project, a new hair style? Make 2016 the year of YES starting today and discover new experiences, friends, productivity and new perspectives ready for the taking.

2. Plan your year ahead
Connect your day-to-day plans to your end of year goals with a big picture year plan. Make it big, make it real! Plug in highlights like birthdays and holidays and go from there putting your goals and ambitions on track starting today. Soon you will see monthly themes and milestones you can look forward to. #nailedit.

3. Sign up
Been meaning to start salsa dancing? How about meditation, triathlon training, or Thai cooking? Whatever the new sport, hobby, or skill you’ve had on your to-do list, draw the line in the sand. You want to start, just start. Sign up today and put it in your calendar. Done.

4. List it
Some people are list makers, some are not. And a list can be used in many different ways, both productively and unproductively. But whether it’s a To-do app, or Post-it on the bathroom mirror that works for you, make one and work it. Lists make tasks tangible and satisfying to check off!

5. Measure it
There’s a great saying that “What gets measured improves”. It’s that simple, think about it. Having a recorded benchmark sets the goal posts. Therefore we are naturally likely to navigate towards, and want to exceed, the goal. So what’s the lesson? Measure it and get it done!

6. Meet the people
Need some advice? Want some insight? Need a connection? Go out there and connect with people who can help you. You’d be happy to help someone else right? So don’t hesitate to ask someone to help you with what you’re doing. Share the love and get things done together.

7. Make your own food rules
If you have New Year food aspirations that’s great! But let’s face it there are thousands of food philosophies out there, and these days it’s so easy to be food shamed any which way you turn. Our suggestion? Be your own individual – find what works for you and stick to it! Enjoy. Image @wrightkitchen

8. Book now
Need your next holiday to look forward to? Grab your calendar (See 2), plot the public holidays and best travel seasons to your destination, and get busy booking. Holidays are great, but they’re even better with early booking and a nice dose of anticipation to get you planned, packed and ready.

9. Call Tech Support
Whatever you want to do, you name it and there is a technology solution to help you do it faster, better, more conveniently, completely. Period. It can seem overwhelming, but Fitbits, productivity apps, Headspace, and Audible are all definitely helping us get stuff DONE!

10. Fast forward
More than anything if you’d like to really dig in and get stuff done this year, look at it simply. Fast forward to December, then look back. What do you want this year to be about? What do you want to have done, tried, felt, experienced, achieved? It’s easy, write it down now and start your journey, you have 11+ months to get there.